For over forty years the “Chinelli” brand has embodied the style and quality of “made in Italy” throughout the world in the field of gift items.

Chinelli Srl is located in the province of Brescia, Italy, famous since ancient times for the ironworking expertise of its inhabitants and, throughout the years, has learned how to best combine craftsmanship and industrial manufacture.

Having reached its second generation, the Chinelli family has learned how to best organize its internal resources, optimizing roles and individual management and operational abilities, throughout the whole manufacturing process.

The result is a family-style company with specialized internal staff. It’s dynamic in its choices, flexible in its production capacity and able to interpret the varied and specific needs of the market.

To meet the growing needs of a wide-reaching and ever-more international customer base, the “Royal Old Britain Sheffield” collection has been placed alongside the historic “Chinelli” brand. Both collections include bonbonnières, gift items and home accessories but each responds to its own, very different style.


logo chinelli gamma spa gold and silver plated creations - made in italy

Chinelli” designs and manufactures products in step with current trends but which maintain their own unmistakable and strictly “made in Italy” style.

logo sheffield gamma spa gold and silver plated creations – made in italy

Royal Old Britain Sheffield”  is rooted in classic English taste with a touch of the colonial.

If you want to remember an important day or live out your daily life in style, choosing “Chinelli” ensures unique and quality products, made to last.